If someone is driving one of your vehicles recklessly,

the public will call one of our 24-hour operators to report the incident.

Within minutes you will be contacted with all the details to confront the driver. Having a third party monitor the reports insures you and your drivers that the incidents are screened and reviewed before they are delivered.

Safety Alert's fleet monitoring is surprisingly affordable for two reasons,

  1. By enlisting thousands of companies to our network, we are able to keep the cost to a minimum.
  2. Safety Alert has partnership agreements with many prominent insurance companies that pay for part or all of our cost.

The Safety Alert program works for all types of fleets in all kinds of industries. We monitor vehicles in all fifty United States and Canada.

No fleet is too large or too small. If you would like more information about our program simply click on the quick quote button and we will be happy to provide you with a price quote and full description of the program.

Click Here to complete your Cost/Benefit Analysis and receive a free quote.

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